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Landing Page Design

Includes Onsite SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Our Landing Pages Generate

25% to 50% Response Ratios

We  create CUSTOM LANDING PAGES or SQUEEZE PAGES for our clients that get them an amazing response ratio that you can track.

An elite Internet Marketing Guru from our staff is assigned to you and you get a real Phone or Skype consultation with a high priced Marketing Guru so they understand exactly what your goals are and they will explain how we can accomplish your goals. Our Guru Consultations have a $249 Value.

This item also includes ON SITE SEO of the Page a $249 Value and SMO (Social Media Optimization) a $249 Value also.

Our top gurus are personally involved with you to help you create the perfect content for a HIGH RESPONSE RATIO Landing Page. These type of pages are created to SQUEEZE a user into a CTA (Call To Action) that can be tracked. Such CTA’s might be to register for a site or newsletter, to visit your shopping cart, to fill-out a lead form or even to BUY from such a page.

The sad fact is traditional web pages generate less than a 5% response ratio. Our Landing Pages generate the highest response ratios in internet marketing due to our gurus have over 20 years experience in SQUEEZING valuable traffic to do what they want.

Not all Landing Pages are Equal, since most are designed by designers and not Web Gurus that understand how to create Landing Pages that SQUEEZE SUPER HIGH RESULTS from every user that visits it. It is an ART and very few understand what actually works in HIGH RESPONSE LANDING PAGES.

We prove this time and time again by Managing PPC Budget Traffic that goes to  our work where we can track every response. Our response ratios average between 25% and 50% with a few industries even having higher response ratios.

This item includes up to 250 Words of unique content by one of our top notch copywriters (a $249 value since we get $1.00 per word for our elite proven ad copywriters) and an in depth phone or Skype consultation with the Guru who will be creating your Responsive  Landing Page that is mobile friendly, another $249 Value).

These types of Pages work best for things like PPC Campaigns where you are buying traffic so your message needs to be short and sweet and created to maximize a response from paid traffic.

Our Responsive Landing Pages generate between 25% and 50% response ratios in most industries.

You should use a quality HD Video on these types of pages, so check out our HD Video Production Services. You can also use a Slider to deliver your message on these types of HIGH RESPONSE PAGES.

This Item Includes

Web Design of Landing Page $99 Value

Embed of Video (Supplied by Client) Included

Embed Tracking Phone Number (Supplied by Client) Included

Consultation Phone or Skype with Guru $249 Value

Contact Form Installation $249 Value

Up to 250 Words of Unique Content by Professional Copywriter $249 Value

Onsite SEO of Page $249 Value

Install Social Media Links and Shares Buttons $249 Value

Install Special HTML Scripts if Needed (Supplied by Clients such as Affiliate Codes) $249 Value

Value over $1500



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1 Web Designers

Quality & Affordable Web Designers

Web Design - SEO - PPC - SEM - SMM -  UX


Call 877-PAGE101


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